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The wait is 20 minutes. How to kill time effectively?

Suggest Abby was waiting at our nail salon. Our staff guaranteed the wait time was 20 minutes long. Abby could bring out her phone or a notebook and engage in a 20-minute journaling session. She can reflect on her day so far, jot down her thoughts, feelings, and any interesting observations. This can be a great way for Abby to relax, clear her mind, and capture her thoughts in the moment. It's a simple activity that can help her pass the time in a productive and introspective way.

Besides, here is a list of things for her:

  1. Read a Short Article or Blog Post: Reading a quick article or blog post can help her stay informed or entertained.

  2. Listen to a Short Podcast Episode: Finding a podcast episode that's around 20 minutes long and enjoying a quick burst of entertainment or education.

  3. Browse Social Media: Catching up on social media posts, responding to comments, or simply enjoying scrolling through her feeds.

  4. Practice Quick Mindfulness: Taking a few minutes to practice mindful breathing or a short mindfulness meditation to relax and center oneself.

  5. Plan Her Nail Design: Using this waiting time to finalize her choice and maybe even showing the nail technician a picture for reference.

  6. Make a Shopping List: Jotting down a shopping list or adding items to a shopping app, if she was planning for groceries later.

  7. Write a To-Do List: Listing the tasks she need to accomplish for the day or week ahead, keeping her organized and focused.

  8. Watch a Short Video: Watching a brief tutorial, a funny video, or a motivational clip on her phone may be entertaining. (TEDTalk is most recommended)

  9. Respond to Important Messages: If she has any time-sensitive messages or emails, respond to them during this window.

  10. Stretch or Do Light Exercises: Performing some simple stretches or light exercises can keep her body active and refreshed.

  11. Engage in Small Talk: Striking up a conversation with others waiting, sharing beauty tips or recommendations.

  12. Sketch or Doodle: If she loves drawing, use this time to create a quick sketch or doodle.

  13. Reflect or Journal: Writing down her thoughts, ideas, or even a gratitude list in a journal.

  14. Brainstorm Creative Ideas: If she is on a project or needs to brainstorm ideas, use this time to let her creativity flow.

  15. Learn a Quick Fact: Spending a few minutes searching for a quick and interesting fact or trivia to expand knowledge.

Remember, even 20 minutes can be a valuable chunk of time if used effectively. Abby can choose an activity that aligns with her interests and needs in the moment.

At EM Nails and Beauty Salon, Abby and everyone else are welcome to sit on the pedicure chair, turn on the back massage, and wait for their turns.

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